RuPaul's Drag U

RuPaul's Drag U

3 Seasons

RuPaul and your favorite queens are back! The Dean of Drag has finally opened her "school for girls" at RuPaul's Drag U, where women undergo extreme transformations... drag queen style.

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RuPaul's Drag U
  • Bringing Sexy Back

    Episode 1

    Three women enroll at Drag U to get their sexy back. Drag Professors Raven, Shannel and Manila Luzon transform these frumpy women into drag sex goddesses. Supermodel Beverly Johnson guest stars.

  • Suddenly Single

    Episode 2

    Three recently single (and not quite ready to mingle) ladies enroll at Drag U for a confidence makeover. Drag Professors Shannel, Ongina and Manila Luzon school the women in online dating skills.

  • Lesbians Gone Wild

    Episode 3

    Three lesbians enroll at Drag U to explore their feminine side. Drag Professors Ongina, Raven and Jujubee transform these ladies into femme drag divas! Glee's "Coach Beiste" Dot Jones guest stars.

  • Like a Virgin

    Episode 4

    Three virgins refine their dating techniques with Drag Professors Mariah, Raven and Jujubee. Lady Bunny teaches the sexually inexperienced women the art of "ladyscaping." Movie star Molly Ringwald joins RuPaul for the Draguation Ceremony.

  • Naughty Nurses

    Episode 5

    Three exhausted nurses are taught to care for themselves by Drag Professors Shannel, Mariah and Jujubee. When it comes to style, the drag queens definitely don't want no scrubs. Flamboyant singer Charo guest stars.

  • Nominated by Loved Ones

    Episode 6

    Three women who need makeovers are nominated by their family and friends to enroll at Drag U. Drag Professor's Bebe Zahara Benet, Mariah and Pandora Boxx educate the ladies on how to get their sass back. Carol Leifer guest stars.

  • Mama Mia, I Need Help!

    Episode 7

    Three mothers in peril connect with their long-lost inner divas. The Drag Professors teach the moms how to turn up the glamor in their everyday lives. Carnie Wilson guest stars.

  • A Family That Drags Together

    Episode 8

    Raven's mom, Jujubee's sister and Manila Luzon's sister enroll at the Drag Professors school. No stranger to family drama, TV mom Shirley Jones guest stars.

  • Looking for a New Job

    Episode 9

    Three unemployed women looking to reverse their fortunes enroll at Drag U. The ladies learn to make a budget face mask from peanut butter. Raven-Symoné guest stars.

  • 80s Ladies

    Episode 10

    Three TV and music stars from the 80s try to revive their super-stardom. With the help of Drag Professors these stars shine bright again. Wonder Woman Lynda Carter guest stars.