Sew What

Sew What

6 Episodes

Season 10 Queen Yuhua Hamasaki teaches us how to make show stopping looks on a drag queen budget!

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Sew What
  • Decisions and Materials

    Episode 1

    Yuhua Hamasaki spills the tea on how to make a sickening look on a drag queen budget!

  • Sew Cheat!

    Episode 2

    She's reliable! She's energetic! She's encouraging us to cheat - and sew what if she is?

  • So Sew!

    Episode 3

    Are Yuhua ready to start sewing this garment, baby? This week, Miss Hamasaki shows us how this costume starts to come together!

  • Sew What? Sew Hem!

    Episode 4

    Hems, hems, hems across the board! After a bit of hemming and hawing, Yuhua shows us how to put the finishing touches on our garment!

  • Be Dazzling!

    Episode 5

    Yuhua shows us how to take our garment from basic to bedazzled, and gets a little messy in the process.

  • Sew What? Sew Finish It Up!

    Episode 6

    Diva. Sassiness. Power. It’s the final episode, but sew what? Yuhua shows us how to make epaulets, hats, and sequenced fringe to bring our outfit to life!