Tea with Tati

Tea with Tati

12 Episodes

Tati keeps it 100 about the real life struggles that surround the gay community.

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Tea with Tati
  • Frenemies

    Episode 1

    Tatianna dishes on all the people she loves to hate.

  • Partying

    Episode 2

    From drinking at night to the morning after, Tati's advice about partying will keep you looking fab all night long.

  • Dating

    Episode 3

    Tati takes you through the ins and outs of dating in the gay community.

  • Bottoming

    Episode 4

    When it comes to sex, some people like talking about it, others don't. Tati breaks down the dos and don't when bottoming.

  • Social Media

    Episode 5

    To post or not to post! Tatiana shares her scoop on social media.

  • Bottom Shaming

    Episode 6

    Tatiana breaks down the barriers on Bottom Shaming.

  • Twitter

    Episode 7

    Tatiana breaks down what to say and what not to say on Twitter.

  • Fuckboi vs. True Love

    Episode 8

    Tatianna spills the tea on fuckbois.

  • Plastic Surgery

    Episode 9

    From filler to liposuction, Tatiana keeps it 100 in this episode of Tea w/ Tati.

  • Flirting

    Episode 10

    Tatianna sucks at flirting and wants to get better! In this episode of Tea With Tati, Tatianna shares tips to become a better flirt!

  • Dieting

    Episode 11

    Join Tati as she spills the tea on all things dieting from cravings, to fad diets, to just plain starving.

  • Fighting

    Episode 12

    Tatianna spills the tea on the do’s and mostly don’ts of hair-pulling, contour-smearing, shade-slinging FIGHTS.