The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood

The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood

6 Episodes

The Vivienne, UK’s first RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar, is joined by her celebrity friends to see what it takes to make it in Hollywood in this six-part series, unscripted comedy.

The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood
  • Sing Out, Viv!

    Episode 1

    As soon as The Vivienne arrives in Hollywood, the camera crew starts rolling and she quickly gets started on... the “making of” her music video. First, let’s get these pipes warmed up with Tony-award winner and singer, Marissa Jaret Winokur. Viv and Marissa meet at a piano bar to start practicing...

  • Motivation 101

    Episode 2

    Late to her meeting with motivational speaker, actor, and all-star improviser – Daniel Franzese is going to help The Viv find all the motivation she needs to exude regal realness on camera for her music video. Viv lets down her guard to give an emotional performance during an impromptu monologue.

  • Hollywood Advice

    Episode 3

    The Viv goes to meet Hollywood legend, Bruce Vilanch! He’s the diva whisperer who has worked with all the greats in this town – Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Midler, and CHER! Bruce will coach Viv on what it really takes to become a true Hollywood diva.

  • Wigging Out

    Episode 4

    The Viv hightails it to an early dance rehearsal with world renowned choreographer – Mark Kanemura. Mark is going to make sure that Viv is in top form for her dance number. As Mark begins to teach the choreography, he realizes that may have his work MORE than cut out for him...

  • WeHo No She Betta Don't!

    Episode 5

    The Viv meets up with some friends at Micky’s – West Hollywood’s hottest drag spot. After a couple drinks and noticing all the HOT go-go boy dancers, Viv decides to hold an open casting call for backup dancers to appear in her music video. The go-go boy audition is guided with the help of local g...

  • BTS Realness

    Episode 6

    The big day is finally here, The Vivienne is ready to shoot her first music video! But when things don’t quite work out as planned, Viv receives some heavenly guidance from her idol, Cher... or at least someone who looks and sounds a lot like her - Chad Michaels.