This is Shit: STFH Edition

This is Shit: STFH Edition

4 Episodes

Brock McGillis and Mrs. Kasha Davis are here to get us through the quarantine, social isolation shit!

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This is Shit: STFH Edition
  • Tempest Dujour

    Brock and Kasha are back to serve the children more motivation - quarantine style! This week, they chatted with season 7 queen Tempest Dujour about her 2020 shit.

  • Heather McDonald

    Episode 2

    Comedian Heather McDonald of the Juicy Scoop Podcast joins Brock and Kasha to talk about using comedy to turn something shitty into something funny!

  • Darienne Lake

    Episode 3

    Season 6 icon Darienne Lake joins Kasha and Brock from her lovely bathtub to discuss her weight loss journey to progress - not perfection.

  • Laila McQueen: Learning to Love Yourself

    Episode 4

    Season 8 queen Laila McQueen chats with Brock and Kasha about learning to love yourself through treating yourself every day.