6 Seasons

World of Wonder's original makeover web series "Transformations" starring clubkid/author James St James and a slew of talented makup artists and stylists.

  • Nicky Ottav Returns!

    Episode 1

    Socialite, Artist and Club Kid, Nicky Ottav transforms James into purple Piccaso-esque nuttiness.

  • Glen Alen Returns!

    Episode 2

    Emmy award winning makeup artist, drag makeup educator, and club kid, Glen Alen returns to flip James into his jaw-dropping 'Upside Down Girl.' Watch and learn how to transform your face into 180 degree eye-gasm!

  • Tempest DuJour

    Episode 3

    The world's tallest drag queen and RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 contestant, Tempest DuJour transforms James into a jaw-dropping showgirl!

  • The Vivienne

    Episode 4

    RuPaul's Drag Race UK ambassador The Vivienne is in the Transformations studio today to make James over into a stunning doppelgänger of herself.

  • Tammie Brown

    Episode 5

    RuPaul's Drag Race season 1 queen Tammie Brown is in the studio to transform James St. James on this episode of Transformations!

  • Vanity Venom Returns!

    Episode 6

    Emily Clayton aka Vanity Venom is back after winning the NYX UK Face Awards 2015. She brought her goodie bag filled with new products to transform James into her entry look for the contest; a 1920s avant-garde flapper.

  • Duo Raw

    Episode 7

    Swedish fashion designers and nightlife icons Duo Raw transform James St. James into a doppelgänger. It's Trio Raw!

  • Katya

    Episode 8

    On this episode of Transformations, season seven's Miss Congeniality Katya transforms James into a Soviet Army Nurse/Hooker. James & Katya discuss RuPaul's DragCon, Lady Bunny, performance art, 'Paris is Burning' and so much more!

  • Jason Adcock

    Episode 9

    Jason Adcock transforms James St. James into an '80s neon acid monster on this episode of Transformations.

  • Shea Couleé

    Episode 10

    Shea Couleé from Season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race paints James St. James on this episode of Transformations.

  • Valentine Anger

    Episode 11

    Valentine Anger went with a lovely Fall theme, transforming James St. James into the Pagan fertility/nature spirit The Green Man.

  • Christeene

    Episode 12

    Christeene, a sexually infused sewer of unclassifiable musical stylings & vile shamelessness transforms James into... herself!