Wait a Minute with Ts Madison

Wait a Minute with Ts Madison

3 Seasons

Ts Madison rants on everything from music and nail shops to stinky feet and road rage. Step out into the world with confidence, style, and charisma that you can ONLY get by watching Ts Madison! Let Maddy inspire you to be you, LOVE yourself, and be ALL you can be!

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Wait a Minute with Ts Madison
  • Most Embarrassing Moment #CheeseFries

    Episode 1

    Your girl Ts Madison is back! Hear about her most embarrassing moment ordering cheese fries at Dave & Busters.

  • Ham Fart

    Episode 2

    Ts Madison tells another embarrassing story on "Wait A Minute". This is the time her friend Tanya invited her man to the movies, but he needs to learn his manners!

  • Disney World

    Episode 3

    Ts Madison went to Disney World in Orlando, FL recently, but before heading to the park she stopped to shop for a tick. That's when it became the not so happiest place on earth for Ts Madison when some parents couldn't contain their rambunctious children.

  • Jail Time

    Episode 4

    Ts Madison went to jail!

  • Trans Bathroom Law

    Episode 5

    Ts Madison shares a story about a time she was asked to use the men's restroom while at work.

  • Fast Food Frustration

    Episode 6

    Ts Madison fumes about the frustrations from drive-thru restaurants.

  • Big Rods, Eggplants and Sausages - OH MY!

    Episode 7

    Ts Madison shares her passion for big rods, eggplant and smoked sausage.

  • Mothers Day & Transitioning

    Episode 8

    Ts Madison calls her mother Miss Mary and talks about their relationship after Madison's transition.

  • Bambiana from Transcendent

    Episode 9

    Bambiana from Transcendent joins Ts Madison to learn how to read a bitch.

  • Detox, Alyssa, Coco & Alaska: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

    Episode 10

    Ts Madison is so excited for the new season of All Stars she had to call a few of the girls to get the T.

  • Queso Dip Disaster

    Episode 11

    Ts Madison shares a tale about cheese dip and what happens immediately after…

  • Customer Service My Ass!

    Episode 12

    Ts Madison has HAD IT with whatever these companies are calling customer service these days. She gives your automated answering service THE ONLY READ on this episode of WAIT A MINUTE!

  • Rabid Dog Chase!

    Episode 13

    Ts Madison wasn't always a good girl. Can you believe she used to skip class in high school to fuel her craving of Chinese food until a hit and run with a rabid dog changed her for life FOREVER on this episode of WAIT A MINUTE!

  • The Queen in Big Lots Who Spilled My T

    Episode 14

    On this episode of Wait a Minute, Ts Madison tells the tale of some old queen with a finger wave in Big Lots spilling Maddy's T to her two straight male friends. Now, WAIT A MINUTE, BITCH!