Drag Race España

Drag Race España

3 Seasons

Drag Race España is looking for Spain's Next Drag Superstar! The queens must participate in photo, dance, and artistic challenges plus musical performances to prove they are the best in their field. Every week, there will be mini challenges and maxi challenges that will put all their abilities to the test. The end of each episode always consists of a grand spectacle where the queens show off their best runway looks based on that week's category.

Drag Race España
  • Spain is Different

    Episode 1

    After transforming into farm animals, the Supremme Eleganza Talent Extravaganza returns to Drag Race España.

  • Drag Vision

    Episode 2

    How much do you love Eurovision? The queens prove it with a geographical mini challenge and choreography maxi challenge. It’s time to Slo mo - mo - mo!

  • The Great Ball of Regions

    Episode 3

    We are throwing a Ball and a construction challenge. The theme? Spain across their colors, flavors and traditional costumes.

  • Drag Sequels

    Episode 4

    What is the best way to pop a balloon? The queens are divided into teams to face an interpretation challenge: Make a drag version of the best Spanish horror movies.

  • Snatch Game - España Season 3

    Episode 5

    The library is open! Then it’s the moment of truth with the Snatch Game.

  • El Mago Precoz

    Episode 6

    The queens star in a musical inspired by The Wizard of Oz and set in the Movida Madrileña in Madrid in the ‘80s.

  • The Second Chance

    Episode 7

    A second chance is the perfect opportunity for the eliminated queens to return to the competition and shine: they will have to perform a comedy routine in pairs with the queens who are still in the contest.

  • One, Two, Drags!

    Episode 8

    The queens do blind makeup in pairs and then recreate the mythical Spanish TV show Un, dos, tres, a delirious quiz contest with unexpected challenges.

  • Makeover: Barricientas

    Episode 9

    Try not to laugh at the tortilla challenge before a very special makeover. Our contestants have to turn into authentic fairytale princesses, cleaning service workers, and those who take care of our streets and hospitals.

  • The Reunion - España Season 3

    Episode 10

    The 13 queens of this third edition of Drag Race España talk to Supremme de Luxe about their time on the show and choose Miss Congeniality.

  • Grand Finale - España Season 3

    Episode 11

    The four finalist queens have the opportunity to record a podcast with Supremme de Luxe. In order to become the winner, the queens create their own version of Supremme de Luxe’s “Fever” music video.

  • The Coronation - España Season 3

    Episode 12

    The four finalists of season 3 have gathered to react live to the Grand Finale in a special episode presented by Samantha Ballentines!