Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

2 Seasons

This groundbreaking documentary series explores the emotional and social tensions that frame the relationships of four couples, each of whom are dealing with a different aspect of their lives.

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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys
  • Naughty or Nice

    Episode 1

    In the second season premiere, we are introduced to four new couples in Nashville. Sherrie wants to revive her career in the music industry while Shane tries to convince her to become more religious. Jared goes through a breakup which Tenisha doesn't take seriously. Olivia and Brent put together ...

  • Let’s Get This Party Started

    Episode 2

    Olivia and Brent have an argument about their charity event. Sherrie and Shane perform together on stage. Tenisha and Jared find common ground after their fight at his birthday party.

  • Too Heavy, Too Hard, Too Fast

    Episode 3

    Jared and Brent go on a date which ends with Brent in the hospital. Kristin reveals to Peter that she's ready to become a mother.

  • Dealing with Some Demons

    Episode 4

    Shane reveals shocking news to Sherrie, Tenisha and Jared at a prayer session. Meanwhile, Kristin takes a pregnancy test.

  • The Sex Video

    Episode 5

    Tenisha disapproves of Jared's provocative dating video. Peter tries to impress Olivia and Brent with a comedy act. Later, during Gay Pride Day, Tenisha and Jared have a huge blowup.

  • He Sucks Me In

    Episode 6

    Things are still awkward between Jared and Tenisha after their Gay Pride Day fallout. Brent is arrested for credit card fraud which puts Olivia in a tough position. Sherrie and Shane shoot their music video in the midst of drama.

  • Clean, Sexy & Classy

    Episode 7

    Shane's boyfriend issues get in the way when he and Sherrie head to New York for a performance. Tenisha decides to go on a diet.

  • Train Wreck

    Episode 8

    Olivia challenges Brent to sober up. Jared tags along with Tenisha to Memphis for her family reunion. Peter hopes to clean up his act.

  • Get Out of My House

    Episode 9

    Peter worries that his daughter may be bullied because of his sexual preference. After a heart to heart with her, he turns to Kristin for support. And, with their fundraiser looming, Brent's shocking behavior forces Olivia into extreme action.

  • A Dirty Word

    Episode 10

    Sherrie, Jared and Tenisha go to NYC to support Shane's first solo music video shoot. During the trip, Tenisha breaks down, revealing that her oversized personality is covering something up. Peter takes his kids to a carnival for gay families.

  • Crash & Burn

    Episode 11

    Olivia's big charity event is finally here, but what begins as a promising night will end in all-out drama. And just when Sherrie and Shane's powerful song for Tenisha turns things around, Brent's arrival triggers a complete and utter meltdown.

  • Intervention

    Episode 12

    In the season finale, Tenisha – inspired by Sherrie and Shane's song – decides to self-publish her book. Brent attends his mom's funeral, and her death finally prods him to sober up. But when he attends Tenisha's reading, will history repeat itself?