Inside the Producers Studio with Kandy Muse

Inside the Producers Studio with Kandy Muse

8 Episodes

The Muse is back! In this tea-ridden series from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 and All Stars 8 finalist Kandy Muse, Kandy embodies the role she was born to play - The Producer. Kandy's revisiting the spiciest drama, iconic Untucked fights and behind-the-scenes havoc with the help of some of her favorite Drag Race Sisters. Do you have star quality? It’s time to go INSIDE THE PRODUCER’S STUDIO WITH KANDY MUSE.

Inside the Producers Studio with Kandy Muse
  • Jimbo

    Episode 1

    Kandy explores the ins and outs of producing a television show and invites her All Stars 8 sister Jimbo to go Inside The Producer's Studio.

  • Miss Vanjie

    Episode 2

    You've all been waiting for this iconic duo on your screen...Miss Vanjie is inside The Producers Studio! Kandy gets the tea on Vanjie’s breakup with her boyfriend from Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love.

  • Gottmik

    Episode 3

    GottMuse is back, baby! The queens have a proper kiki and revisit some iconic Season 13 moments.

  • Kerri Colby

    Episode 4

    Kandy and Kerri Colby talk about "producing your life" and rehash a quintessential RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Untucked fight.

  • Morgan McMichaels

    Episode 5

    Longtime Ru girl Morgan McMichaels joins Kandy to talk about producing unforgettable Drag Race entrances and keeping it honest. Morgan looks pretty good for a dead bitch!

  • Aja
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Kandy and her drag mother Aja go down memory lane. They talk about doing drag on a budget, Aja helping Kandy audition for Drag Race, and incredible memories from when they were roommates.

  • Scarlet Envy

    Episode 7

    Kandy teaches us how to be a beloved drama queen. And who better to talk about drama than Scarlet Envy?

  • Kimora Blac

    Episode 8

    One of Kandy’s best Judys, Kimora Blac, sits in the hot seat. But this isn’t “RuPaul’s Best Friend Race”. They kiki about partying at the dirtiest clubs in Brooklyn, unfollowing queens on Instagram, and bottoming.