Oh Pit Crew

Oh Pit Crew

5 Seasons

While the Queens' engines are running on stage, the members of the RuPaul's Drag Race Scruff Pit Crew are bulging backstage, gearing up for the next challenge. But what actually happens backstage? Love Connie is determined to find out in Oh Pit Crew! Join Connie as she checks up on our favorite crew members Bryce, Jason, and Bruno! Things heat up backstage, as the banana hammocks are in full swing.

Oh Pit Crew
  • 2 Balls 1 Cup

    Episode 1

    Oh Pit Crew is back for a brand-new season! In the first episode, Love Connie challenges the boys to use their golf balls to knock over the competition!

  • Don’t Spill the Tea

    Episode 2

    This episode of Oh Pit Crew is all tea, all shade as Coach Connie teaches the boys to work their inner thighs AND their mind's eye!

  • You're So Cocky

    Episode 3

    This episode of Oh Pit Crew is all about legs, legs...eggs? Coach Connie is working our boys and having a clucking good time doing it.

  • Little Miss Pageant

    Episode 4

    Coach Connie, aka Miss Cajun Inbred 1997, shows the boys how it's done in a mini-pageant!

  • Pants Yourself

    Episode 5

    Pretend your boyfriend's husband just got home and go, go, go! Connie challenges the boys to a super-soaked speed test.

  • Exercise Your Face

    Episode 6

    No selfies in the studio, unless she’s in them! Connie teaches the boys about smizing, pirouetting, and...Nerf guns?