Sketchy Queens

Sketchy Queens

9 Episodes

Portlandia meets The Kids in the Hall in this strange and brilliant sketch comedy series, Sketchy Queens created by two-time RuPaul's Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon and her comedy partner Liam Krug. After meeting in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, Jinkx & Liam quickly found they shared a twisted sense of humor and started writing sketches together in quarantine. This 8-episode series is born out of their weirdest ideas, featuring celebrity impersonations, a revival of Jinkx's first Snatch Game character Little Edie, and hilarious (and humiliating) new material from this duo’s wacky minds. Filmed in Portland and Los Angeles, the series includes celebrity guests like Trixie Mattel, Brittany Broski and Brandon Rogers.

Sketchy Queens
  • Symphony of Jennifers

    Episode 1

    Jennifer Tilly calls Jeniffer Coolidge. Liam Meets Jinkx at her chateau on Sunrise Boulevard. And Welcome to the Sonoma Public Access channel! Where Bethany and Winderly interview special guest, Trixie Mattel.

  • Off Brand Super Villains

    Episode 2

    Jinkx gives a special tour of her hometown, Portland. The off brand super villains plot their next evil plan. And Bethany & Winderly interview special guest Wolf Hudson on the Sonoma Public Access Channel.

  • Stage Moms Are People Too

    Episode 3

    Witness the epic sequel of Jennifer Coolidge and Jennifer Tilly’s phone conversation.

    A stage mom guides her prodigy son to greatness in the audition room.

    And Winderly & Bethany interview special guest Katya Zamolodchikova on I See You and I Hear You.

  • Not Your Mama's Period Drama

    Episode 4

    Sonoma Public Access presents a period drama unlike any other.
    In the basement at Sunrise Blvd, Jinkx and Liam plot to rejuvenate her flop career.
    And comedy human Brandon Rogers is the special guest on I See You and I Hear You.

  • The Garden of Edie

    Episode 5

    A film crew catches up with Little Edie up at Grey Gardens.
    Learn how to make meals from the depression with 91 year-old Florence.
    Raja is the special guest on this weeks I see You, And I hear You.

  • It’s Burger Time.

    Episode 6

    Employee training video for Burger Time, the coolest burger joint in town.
    Jinkx and Liam take a stab at content creation in Sunrise Boulevard Part Three.
    Special guest Brittany Broski gets interviewed on I See You and I Hear You.

  • So Much Fun It's Scary

    Episode 7

    Sonoma Public Access presents a week long Scareathon of Horror.
    The neighborhood witch hosts a yard sale with moderately cursed items.
    Before Maddie moves away from home she has to confront a demon from her past.
    Bethany and Winderly hit the road with their old acting teacher in I See You and I D...

  • Extremely Good Finale

    Episode 8

    A socialite tries to impress her friend with her quirky kids' names.
    Liam and Jinkx reach an epic conclusion on Sunrise Blvd.
    And Kandy Muse is the guest on the finale episode of I See You and I Hear You.

  • BONUS I See You and I Hear You: A Compilation Story

    In this special bonus episode, witness the slow demise of Bethany Christmas and Winderly Landchime's friendship as they try to navigate how to run a TV station. With celebrity interviews (in order of appearance) Trixie Mattel, Wolf Hudson, Katya Zamolodchikova, Brandon Rogers, Raja, Brittany Bros...