Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals

Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals

2 Seasons

Pangina Heals, star of Drag Race Thailand and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs the World takes us on a food tour of Thai Town in Hollywood, CA. She challenges her guests to amp up the spice, from one dish to the next, as they spill secrets over a meal of Thai delicacies. Don’t get burned! Sweat it out with Pangina Heals.

Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals
  • Jaida Essence Hall at Pailin Thai Cuisine

    Episode 1

    Things get hot, hot, hot when our RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 winner joins Pangina for lunch. They play a game of "Jaida Essence Who?" while Pangina introduces Jaida to spicy Pla Ra - fermented fish paste.

  • Lady Camden at Hoy-Ka Hollywood

    Episode 2

    Warning - DANGER! Pangina turns up the heat, as dish after dish, Lady Camden loses feeling in her face. Pangina and Lady Camden then face off in a hot pepper Pick-or-Swallow challenge.

  • Priyanka at Pailin Thai Cuisine

    Episode 3

    What’s her name? The winner of Canada’s Drag Race Season 1 Priyanka joins Pangina for the sweatiest meal of her life. Find out if you’re pre or post Yanka in this tangy episode of Tongue Thai’d.

  • LaGanja Estranja at Hoy-Ka Hollywood

    Episode 4

    Come on Tongue Thai’d, let’s get sickening! Drag Race Season 6 icon LaGanja Estranja joins Pangina for lunch. The dishes turn up the heat and the smoking references are fire.

  • Jared Goldstein at Crispy Pork Gang

    Episode 5

    Comedian and actor Jared Goldstein joins Pangina this week on Tongue Thai’d. Things get spicy, funny, and - gay gasp! - flirty.

  • Raja at Crispy Pork Gang

    Episode 6

    Finally - Pangina puts the legendary Raja to the test over a delicious Thai lunch. Will the food be spicy enough for Raja? Will Raja recognize her own makeup artistry? Will Pangina and Raja still be friends at the end? Tune in to find out!

  • Sasha Colby at Crispy Pork Gang

    Episode 7

    Reigning champion of RuPaul’s Drag Race Sasha Colby joins Pangina this week. Over delicious Thai food, they discuss Hawaiian culture, the craziest things they’ve Googled, and feeling the heat through their corsets. Sasha drinks a cuttlefish milkshake like a champ!

  • Blu Hydrangea at Crispy Pork Gang

    Episode 8

    Will Pangina finally get her revenge on Blu Hydrangea? In the season finale of Tongue Thai’d, Pangina challenges Blu to go spicier than ever. Oh Mummy!