6 Seasons

World of Wonder's original makeover web series "Transformations" starring clubkid/author James St James and a slew of talented makup artists and stylists.

  • Bible Girl

    Episode 1

    Bible Girl transforms James St. James into an EyeBola Beauty on Transformations.

  • Nina Bo'Nina Brown

    Episode 2

    Nutty Atlanta queen Nina Bo'Nina Brown came to the Transformation studio to showcase her talent for rendering 2-D cartoon images onto faces. It’s pretty amazing. She gives James a Minn…. “lady mouse” makeover!

  • Rubber Child

    Episode 3

    Rubber Child of the Haus of Piss from South Florida transforms James into a fetish factory vixen trying to pay her rent on time.

  • Merrie Cherry

    Episode 4

    Merrie Cherry turns James into a gay pinocchio! Learn about the Brooklyn drag scene and how Merrie got her start.

  • Lushious Massacr

    Episode 5

    Lushious Massacr is in the studio to makeover James St. James on Transformations!

  • Discord Addams

    Episode 6

    Ohio queen Discord Addams transforms James St. James into Troll St. Troll look featured in Party Monster the movie.

  • Katelyn Simkins Returns!

    Episode 7

    Katelyn Simkins turns James St. James into the National Enquirer meets LA Barbie doll.

  • Burley Chassis

    Episode 8

    Aussie queen Burley Chassis transforms James into her signature style.

  • Ginger Minj

    Episode 9

    This week on Transformations, season 7 finalist Ginger Minj stops by the studio to beat the mug of the one and only James St. James!

  • Landon Cider Returns!

    Episode 10

    Drag King Landon Cider comes back to Transformations to show that Kings can do more than be butch. Spring is in the air!

  • Cheddar Gorgeous

    Episode 11

    Manchester queen Cheddar Gorgeous is super sweet! You'll gag over her candy look as she Transforms James!

  • Lick My Face For $1

    Episode 12

    With a face full of candy, James St. James ventured outside World of Wonder studios onto the mean streets of Hollywood to find tourists to lick his face for a dollar.

  • Valentine Anger Returns

    Episode 13

    Valentine Anger is back again! This time around James is transformed into a ballooney toons club kid from outer-space.

  • Bob the Drag Queen

    Episode 14

    Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8, Bob The Drag Queen, recreates her paint drip look from episode 4, the "Neon Runway."

  • Laila McQueen

    Episode 15

    Laila McQueen from RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 recreates fan art on James' face.

  • Latrice Royale

    Episode 16

    Latrice Royale from RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 and transforms James into Lady Turquoooiiiseee!

  • Dax Exclamation Point

    Episode 17

    Dax ExclamationPoint from RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 and transforms James into She-Hulk!

  • Gabe Wing Returns!

    Episode 18

    Gabe turns James into a magical mushroom induced vision from outer-space giving birth to creatures of the club and beyond...
    The truth is out there.

  • John Stapleton Returns!

    Episode 19

    All eyes on James St. James on this AMAZING episode of Transformations with the incredible John Stapleton!

  • Diony Cardona

    Episode 20

    In this HALLOWEEN edition of Transformations, special effects makeup artist Diony Cardona turns James into Buffy the Vampire meets Mad Max; a steampunk bloodsucking beast!

  • Maddelyn Hatter

    Episode 21

    Maddelynn Hatter from New York City transforms James St. James into her doppelgänger in this episode of Transformations.

  • Bang Galore

    Episode 22

    James St. James is transformed into a meth'd-out Turkey by Bang Galore on this special Thanksgiving day episode of Transformations!

  • Duo Raw Return!

    Episode 23

    James St. James is transformed into a glamorous kraken by the international avant-garde nightlife couple DUORAW!