Drag Queen Video Dates

Drag Queen Video Dates

9 Episodes

Call your favorite queens on Drag Video Dates! They're standing by - are you the one they're looking for?

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Drag Queen Video Dates
  • Miz Cracker, Jaymes, & Mrs. Kasha Davis

    Episode 1

    Call up Miz Cracker, Jaymes Mansfield, & Mrs. Kasha Davis on Drag Queen Video Dates!

  • Blair St. Clair

    Episode 2

    I do declare! Blair St Clair needs a daddy! Blair is looking for a leather daddy to take her to Chuck E. Cheese, so call her now!

  • Eureka O'Hara

    Episode 3

    Eureka O'Hara is a full figured woman with an emotional range to match! All the emotions, really. And she's ready to meet someone who's as hungry for it as she is, so call her now!

  • Vanessa Vanjie

    Episode 4

    Miss Vanjie is looking for a strong silent type who can perpetrate a real Notebook fantasy, henny.

  • Alexis Mateo

    Episode 5

    Alexis is looking for love and holding out for a hero...or a whole team of heroes, baby. Call Now!

  • Tammie Brown

    Episode 6

    Tammie Brown is looking for love and it's going to get weird!

  • Yuhua Hamasaki

    Episode 7

    Yuhua's looking for money, I mean love...of money. He betta be rich...okurrr?

  • Jade Sotomayor

    Episode 8

    Jade Sotomayor is looking for a pescatarian with big hands. Are you the seafood lover she needs? Call now, or always wonder what could have been!

  • Jiggly Caliente

    Episode 9

    Jiggly Caliente is single and looking for the biggest bratwurst in all the land. Or corn dog. Or a Twinkie.