Black Excellence

Black Excellence

In honor of Black History Month, we're celebrating our fabulous Black queens!

Black Excellence
  • Wait a Minute with Ts Madison

    3 seasons

    Ts Madison rants on everything from music and nail shops to stinky feet and road rage. Step out into the world with confidence, style, and charisma that you can ONLY get by watching Ts Madison! Let Maddy inspire you to be you, LOVE yourself, and be ALL you can be!

  • Sissy That Psyche

    1 season

    In “Sissy That Psyche,” best squirrel-friends Neville, David Brandyn, and Dr. Matthew Brinkley give a play-by-play breakdown of legendary Drag Race meltdowns.

  • Monét's Herstory X Change

    1 season

    Monét spills the real tea about the story behind the history we all think we know. From American history, pirate myths, to nursery rhymes, Monét is here to remind us that reading about history is what? Fundamental.

  • When The Beat Drops


    Knowing your queer history is essential, and the award-winning When The Beat Drops offers an immersive deep-dive inside the growing culture of bucking—an energetic, hyper-athletic, dance phenomenon cultivated by queer people of color in the Deep South.

  • Gap Chat
    1 season

    Gap Chat

    1 season

    Heidi N Closet is here for Gap Chat, where she teaches us to live, laugh, love, and not to take life (or ourselves) too seriously!

  • Manic Moments with Monique Heart

    1 season

    Monique Heart is no stranger to the chaos of a drag queen's frantic work-life. In each episode of Manic Moments, learn how the heart of Season 10 gets through the everyday hiccups that life throws at you.

  • Bob the Drag Queen: 2 Week Notice

    1 season

    Bob the Drag Queen receives his 2 weeks notice from World of Wonder Productions notifying him that he has two weeks left before he must hand over his current f*cking reigning crown. Can he find a viable replacement?

  • Asia O'Hara

    The premiere episode of Werq the World Season 2 follows Drag Race Season 10 queen, Asia O’Hara, and her experience as a host and motherly figure of the tour, and the challenges of being Black, gay, and a drag queen in society.

  • Yvie Oddly

    Follow winner of Drag Race Season 11, Yvie Oddly, who contends with health issues even as she adjusts to life in the limelight.

  • Monique Heart and Nicole Byer

    It's a Transformations Takeover! Monique transforms Nicole into a dramatic drag look as they chat about reality TV, knowing your worth, and wild airline experiences.

  • Jasmine Masters' Class

    2 seasons

    Etiquette! Propriety! Welcome to Jasmine Masters' Class!

  • Monét X Change

    All Stars 4 winner and Season 10 Miss Congeniality, Monét X Change is effervescent, a spitfire, fun, lovable, and has a strong sense of self in and out of drag.

  • Lemme Pick You Up

    1 season

    Starring Ts Madison, as she drives special guests around Los Angeles.

  • Naomi Smalls

    Naomi Smalls mesmerizes audiences around the country with her captivating stage number, while squeezing in glamorous photoshoots backstage whenever she can.

  • Yvie's Odd School

    1 season

    Yvie Oddly teaches us how to create some of her most imaginative and well, odd, looks!

  • Shantay You Pray

    1 season

    Can I get an amen up in here? Reverend Silky Nutmeg Ganache is here to help us slay, shantay, and pray!

  • Ts Madison Ate That

    1 season

    Ts Madison (Zola, Bros, "Cozy" on Beyoncé's Renaissance) tries the weirdest snacks from all over the internet, opening special mystery boxes filled to the brim with viral funky food. She must sample them and decide if she likes it - she ATE - or if it's disgusting - she HATE. From cloyingly-sweet...